Our Gift Program

  • Members of the Minchu Team identify schools for children that live below the poverty line.  Volunteers speak with every child and identify what the child’swish is during this festive season.
  • These dreams are translated to “wish tags”, consolidated and ready for distribution to individuals who wish to participate.
  • Individuals from Organizations pick up one or more tags during the Campaign sessions and shop for gifts for an unknown child.
  • Gifts are handed over to the event coordinator within the Organization.
  • Volunteers from Minchu collect these gifts on a specific day, sort and arrange based on class and section categories and transport them for distribution in the school.
  • The team encourages volunteers amongst sponsors to facilitate the program and also participate on the day of the event.
  • Our gesture of purity from the child’s heart – Every participant receives a personal thank you note from the child that is blessed with  gifts and wishes.

Volunteer speak…

The Gift Program allows individuals working in Corporate from around the city of Bangalore to reach out to the underprivileged strata of children. Minchu’s gift program is simply an ‘enabler”. By allowing my family and me to shop for an underprivileged child, the spirit of any Festival is enhanced. In turn, making this child’s Festival special, is an extremely gratifying experience for us.

Minchu is everything about flashing a smile.  I think it is the smile in the eyes of the children, their parents, the teachers and the coordinators we work with, which makes it always memorable.  I have been part of the program since inception and have absolutely enjoyed every single opportunity.  These children are special, and their happiness through a gift program is even more…. Someday, we can fall back on these beautiful memories and remind ourselves that “life is indeed beautiful”. Comment from a Minchu Principal at an event

Today is a special day for these children as they might have never seen such gifts in their life before. It is evident from their faces…